Why Now?
Why Now?

We live in times where the world is moving quite rapidly. People are increasingly struggling with dis-ease, not just in the body, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The country’s power is fueled by means that are not sustainable; more often these means are not in alignment with the values we innately possess as human beings.

An imbalanced system is calling for our attention. It is urging humans to look deeper within their hearts, to ask the important questions – and to trust that those questions are valid. This deeper wisdom assures that many are asking the same questions. This planet is in dire need of our wellness.

As we struggle to see the forest through the trees, we need others, community, our tribe and radicals to fiercely, yet gently guide us as a nurturing protective mother would, onto the path of greater awareness and greater good.

“We can’t keep dying inside while we actively suppress, knowingly or unknowingly, the real stirrings inside of us… without the permission or education to explore these in healthy ways we are at a loss and alone.”

The very act of suppression and denial causes dis-ease and keeps humans from experiencing the very essence of being human – and from shining our light.  Stigma and shame are the bane of our livelihood and right to exist.  All of this stifles the breath, body, mind, and spirt.  

Our struggles in joy and sorrow, challenges, and successes do not happen in a vacuum – they happen in relationship; relationship with parents, our lineage, spirit; in community and culture; with society, survival, religion, gender and the planet for which sustains all life. They happen within the secrets we keep from others and ourselves.

There is a collective challenge we are all faced with today and it starts with us in “right” relationship with ourselves – and in turn, each other and the planet at large. This doesn’t have to be done overnight. In fact, it doesn’t have to be done at all. It’s our own choice and free will. And we have this to look forward to… when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.  

If we do take this path, we need to be resourced – in ways we had not been taught and, as a result ways that are not familiar to us.  We must be guided gently in discovering our strengths, and in building new ones such that we can become even more nourished and resourced with skills and tools that support our growth and unfolding.

That time is now.