Navigating Life Transitions

If you are here you are likely going through a life transition. You might be leaving home, getting married, or having children. Perhaps you are later in life changing careers (or wanting a change), launching children, or experiencing an identity crisis. Maybe you have lost an important person in your life due to death, illness, or divorce.

If this is you, you’ll be happy to know that you are not alone. Transitions can feel disruptive.  All change is a loss, even if it is good. So now you are here and you want to be able to experience the changes with more ease while going through the transition.

Do you feel like these are your challenges?life transition counseling in boulder and colorado

You might feel like the problem is that you’ve been forced to change, or that others are making it difficult for you to adjust. Perhaps you think you should be having different thoughts or feelings and you are feeling guilty or judging yourself for them. Or you think you are supposed to adjust quickly and seamlessly. 

The truth is…

Most people are not taught how to be with change and/or transitions. Often, people have been taught to resist, or runaway from change. It makes sense. But, like many you are forced into life transitions either against your will or readiness, or willingly. When there is resistance to change transition can become more painful and difficult to manage. 

The good news is…

It is possible to move through your life transition with the grace and honor. It will come when you discover the tools to be present with the experience and gain new perspectives that will become some of your stepping stones to dealing with the discomfort of what you are going through.  You can experience change in ways that are growth promoting, positive and healing. 

How do move through your life transition with the grace and honor it deserves?

In therapy I will work with you to help you:counseling for life transitions in boulder and colorado

  • Discover valuable insights into this time of your life
  • Find new meaning and purpose
  • Become empowered to step confidently into the next phase of your life
  • Find hope and inspiration

You will learn how you can:

  • Honor the old and the new
  • Grieve loss and create closure
  • Look back at the transition with a feeling of gratitude rather than regret
  • Have skills and confidence to be with future transitions 

What would it feel like to your life transition with purpose and intention?  How would it feel to develop more confidence and knowing that everything is going to be okay?  Would you like to look back at this time feeling that you were fully present?

I’ve helped many individuals, couples, and families navigate life transitions, find greater satisfaction and meaning in life, and go on to fulfill the lives they were meant to live. I can help you too.

Don’t wait another day to get support in navigating your life transition.  You deserve it!

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