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Individual Therapy

If you are here you’ve likely been doing some personal work already, or you are ready to begin this journey. Despite your progress or hard work there are familiar road blocks you keep coming up against, and you would like to break through these barriers so you can take your life to the next level. If you are like most individuals seeking counseling, you’ll be happy to know that you are not alone.

Do you feel like these are your challenges?

  • You lack self-confidence in specific areasindividual counselor in boulder
  • Letting past fears get in your way
  • Feelings of insecurity, low self esteem, or self worth
  • Relationship dissatisfaction

Sometimes you might catch yourself thinking that circumstances outside of yourself are getting in your way, or that there is something wrong with you, or others. You may even find yourself still thinking that if you were (fill in the blank) things would be different.

The truth is…

Sometimes these challenges can get easier over time… but why should you wait? You know you can conquer your limiting beliefs and feel greater satisfaction in your life. But how do you do this?

How do you conquer limiting beliefs and create the change you desire?

You make a commitment to yourself and reach out for professional support.

In Individual Therapy I will work with you to help you:

  • Build confidencecounseling in boulder
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Discover your strengths
  • Leverage your challenges
You will learn how you can:
  • Find solutions to your problems
  • Create change that works
  • Shift your perspective
  • Have better relationships

What would it feel like to experience satisfaction in your life, or relationships? How would it feel to know that you are worth that?

I’ve helped many individuals increase their self esteem, find greater satisfaction and meaning in life and go on to fulfill the lives they were meant to live. I can help you too.

Don’t wait another day to begin improving your life and relationships today. You deserve it!

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