Healing Relational Trauma

What is Relational Trauma?

Relational Trauma is a single or ongoing traumatic event experienced in a relationship with another person.  It commonly happens during the developmental years of a persons life. Often, but not always, it is with a family member.  As a result it can have a lasting impact on a person’s ability to form securely attached relationships.

If you are here, you are not alone. Relational trauma is common. It’s likely you’ve already been doing some personal work to heal from relational trauma whether you know it or not.  Or, you’ve finally had enough and you are determined to find the happiness you desire.

Despite your resilience, progress, or hard work you are confronted with similar road blocks.  These road blocks often come up in your intimate or romantic relationships, or lack thereof.  It’s possible you have learned a handful of tools to work with the challenges you experience in intimate relationships, or you are determined and dedicated to do what it takes to break through whatever has you stuck, so you can take your life and relationships to the next level.

Do you feel like these are your challenges?

  • counseling for relational traumaLow self esteem, and/or self worth
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability, frustration 
  • Fear of abandonment or commitment
  • Feeling fulfilled in a relationship

You might think that a perfect person exists, but you haven’t met them yet. You might think that your partner is flawed, or that you are flawed. You could also think that if you were (fill in the blank) things would be different.

The truth is…

These can be signs of relational trauma.  Healing from relational trauma won’t come from trying to “fix” yourself, or trying to “fix” another.  And it won’t come from waiting for the “perfect” person to come along, or waiting for your partner to become the partner you want.  It comes when you realize you don’t have to be a prisoner of your past, and you CAN experience intimate relationships that are safe, fulfilling, and satisfying. 

How do you heal from relational trauma and create greater relationship and life satisfaction?

You find a therapist trained in marriage and family therapy that knows how to work with individuals from a relational lens, is not only trauma-informed, and trauma trained, but also skilled and knowledgeable in working with relational trauma.

In Counseling I will help you:relational trauma counseling in boulder

  • Build confidence
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Discover your strengths
  • Leverage your challenges
You will learn how to:

What would it feel like to experience satisfaction in your life, or relationships? How would it feel to know that you are worth that, and it’s possible?

I’ve helped many individuals, couples, and families work with relational trauma to increase their self esteem, find greater satisfaction and meaning in life and go on to fulfill the lives they were meant to live. I can help you too.

Don’t wait another day to begin improving your life and relationships today. You deserve it!

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