ANGEREVOLUTION™ Counseling for Anger

ANGEREVOLUTION™ Counseling for Anger

ANGEREVOLUTION™ services are designed for relating with anger through common ground. Community, Care, Connection, Compassion, and Camaraderie are the core values of ANGEREVOLUTION™ services.

ANGEREVOLUTION™ services offer a supportive environment for people wanting to learn more about anger, explore how they relate with anger, and learn tools for working with anger effectively in groups, workshops, or 1:1.

A majority of people recognize anger in someone they know than they do in themselves. Anger is pervasive and ambiguous. For these reasons, ANGEREVOLUTION™ services can benefit any person experiencing personal or relational dissatisfaction in their life.

Because there is more to anger than management alone, ANGEREVOLUTION™ services apply a forward thinking approach to relating with anger that values the human experience. It is uniquely designed to consider biopsychosocial influences on individuals, couples and families, and provide relational, systemic, and trauma informed care approaches to working with anger related issues.

If you are like many people that experience anger with yourself or a loved one, you’ll be happy to know that you are not alone. Anger is far more prevalent than you are led to believe. It goes largely undetected and it impacts people of all demographics. This inspired me to create ANGEREVOLUTION™ services.

The funny thing about anger is that nobody has it, but everyone knows somebody that does.

depression counseling in boulderDid you know that anger…?

  • Is a natural survival response to fear
  • When turned inward with no place to go becomes depression 
  • Is not aggression, but can lead to aggression towards one’s self or others
  • When worked with effectively can be a force for positive change

If you are like many families, couples, or individuals that are impacted by anger or depression you want support for yourself or a loved one. You are tired of feeling awful, stressed, and dissatisfied in life.

Do you feel like these are some of your challenges?

  • Spending more time feeling angry or depressed than you would like to
  • Feeling angry, but not acting out in anger
  • Anger or depression is not an issue for you but others think it is
  • Your closest relationships feel challenging
  • You are not a harm to yourself or others, but you think your anger or depression could be impacting you or others

Perhaps you think that you are too stressed, working too much, or having a lack of motivation. You might think that poor health or stressful relationships are contributing to your anger. It’s possible you feel annoyed by others comments on your behavior and feel like it’s their problem, not yours.

The truth is…

These are all symptoms of anger, and staying in the pain of anger won’t get you from the life you are living now to the life you want to live. It comes first with understanding how anger is playing a role in your life, realizing the impact it has on you, and then deciding to make a commitment to work with it.

The good new is, there is hope!

You can get along better with others and have more fulfilling relationships. It is possible to feel relief from stress, irritability, or general low-level dissatisfaction in life. You want to find more happiness, joy and satisfaction in life, but how do you do this?

How do you overcome anger?

When you consider that anger is the most frequent of human emotions, a majority of people with anger don’t know they have, or experience it, and that most people recognize anger in someone else than they do in themselves, awareness is half the battle. The other half of the battle is learning the tools to work with it, and building a different relationship with it.

Seeking professional support to work with your anger could be the best step you’ll ever take towards making all the best decisions you will ever make.

When you participate in an ANGEREVOLUTION™ service you are on your way to:

anger management in boulder

  • Becoming inspired to work with your anger
  • Finding motivation to work with anger
  • Learning effective evidenced-based skills to manage anger
  • Effectively using anger to get the results you really want
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others

What would it feel like to be free from the pain of anger? How would you like to have more fulfilling relationships, work less (or more), spend more time with family, have more fun or be physically healthy and fit?

I’ve worked with many people to help them find more effective ways to manage their anger and improve their relationships with others and themselves. I can help you too.

Don’t wait another day to find relief and create your new reality. You deserve it. Your relationships deserve it. Your life deserves it!

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